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For organizations and businesses

Please see here for group reservations and application for use of images.


Group tour

Advance reservations are required when coming by bus.

(Free tour/parking fee)

Please apply using the form below or by fax.

We will inform you about the parking place and other precautions later.

IMG_1613 2.HEIC

Field trip/School trip

We also accept social studies visits and school trips for elementary school students.

According to your request, a story about Koka by a ninja,

A simple ninjutsu training lecture,

​Experience missions to explore the building.

​ Please contact us using the form below.

IMG_1613 2.HEIC

Image/logo usage application

Publishing in media such as pamphlets and websites

Images and logos of the Kouga-ryu Real Ninja Museum

If you wish to use it, please apply in advance.


Thank you for your submission.
​The person in charge will contact you later, so please wait.

Please send the attached materials by fax or the following e-mail address.

Telephone0748-70-2790  | Fax0748-70-2659

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