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Speaking of ninja, you probably have an image in media such as manga and anime that has superhuman abilities and uses various ninjutsu.

At this museum, we will introduce the ninja that we can learn concretely from ancient documents handed down in the region and historical and cultural resources such as temples and shrines as "Koga-ryu real ninja".

Koka City has a wide variety of facilities and historical sites where you can trace the footsteps of the people who were called ninjas. By all means, please visit these places and feel the appearance of a real Koga-ryu ninja that can only be found here.


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shooting point

​experience area


hid by magic
Let's find a ninja!!

​ Hidden trivia! !


Shinobi Iroha Puzzle

An important role of a ninja is to obtain information about the enemy and bring it back. In order to protect the information obtained from enemies, ninja used codes to transmit information. Combining the kanji 方 (the left side of the kanji) and 旁 (the right side of the kanji) to make a character and solve the code. Can you find the answer to the quiz too?

wood release technique

Mokuton no Jutsu is one of the hidden techniques. In general, there is a strong image of using a cloth that looks like a tree to hide oneself, but in reality, it is a concealment technique that actually hides in plants and sees the enemy's opening and escapes. Here, you can experience hiding behind a cloth that looks like a tree and listening to what is going on around you. You can also take pictures by sticking your face out through the holes in the cloth.

Earth Release Technique

When you think of earth-tonn-no-jutsu, you probably think of the technique of creating large rocks to protect yourself from enemy attacks. In fact, it is a hidden art that hides in hollows of the ground, lowlands, shadows of rocks, etc., and becomes a part of nature. Koka City is full of castles that make use of the complex natural topography.

Water Release Jutsu

Mizuton no jutsu is a technique of jumping into a river or moat to escape from pursuers, pulling out a breathing tube from the water, and waiting for the enemy to leave while breathing. It refers to the technique of escaping when you are distracted, or the technique of crossing rivers and moats. Here you can take pictures as if you are riding a water spider and crossing the water.

Kinton Jutsu

Kinton no jutsu is the technique of using ninja tools such as shuriken and kunai. In fact, shuriken and kunai were not only used for fighting, but also for a wide range of other purposes, such as mountain climbing and opening doors. Here, you can experience throwing a rubber shuriken at a target.

Katon no Jutsu

Koga-ryu ninjas were skilled at handling gunpowder, and were good at creating smoke screens and making loud explosions to provoke the opponent's turmoil and then use that opportunity to escape. Here, you can take a photo with fire coming out of one side and smoke coming out of the other.


shooting point

Let's take a picture at the shooting point!


The world's first shuriken darts machine "NINJA TRAINER ARCADE" certified by the Japan Ninja Council. This is the only ninja facility in Japan.

You can choose from 4 different games, and up to 4 people can play. Let's have fun with shuriken darts, a new sensation!

Dedicated shuriken: 600 yen

1 play: 100 yen


Kouga style real ninja
projection mapping

It is a projection mapping that expresses the appearance of the Koga-ryu ninja who played an active role in the flow of the times. If you also read the commentary, you will have a better understanding!


Koka-ryu Ninja Investigation Team Exhibition Room

Koga-ryu ninja investigative group "Ninja Finders" The Koga-ryu ninja investigative group led by historian Michifumi Isoda. Materials that unravel the Koka-ryu ninja and past research are on display. The real Koga-ryu ninja is here!


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Souvenir shops in Koka

A large collection of souvenirs such as Koka's specialties and famous sake! From ninja-related souvenirs, you can purchase items related to Koka, such as Tokaido, Tsuchiyama tea, and Shigaraki ware. There are still many attractive souvenirs to be found in Koka City, so we hope that you will be able to enjoy these unique local souvenirs as well as sightseeing in the city.