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Sat, Nov 20


Kouga-ryu real ninja building 1F lesson room


A competition will be held to compete for the skill of the shuriken type darts machine installed in the hall. The winner will receive prizes such as ninja goods and special products of Koka City! Please try your daily shuriken skills to the fullest!

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Time & Location

Nov 20, 2021, 11:00 AM – 2:30 PM

Kouga-ryu real ninja building 1F lesson room, Japan, 600 Ryuboshi, Konan-cho, Koka City, Shiga Prefecture, in Shinobi no Sato Plala


About the event

[Date and time]

Saturday, November 20, 2021

・Boys (elementary school students) 10:30-12:15

・Youth (junior high school students and above) 13:00-14:45


Kouga-ryu real ninja hall 1F lesson room

[participation fee]

500 yen (includes 3 special shurikens)


(qualifying league)

・Preliminary league will be held as a group of 4 people.

・Winning or losing will be determined by the total points scored in the two games of "Concentrated Strike" and "Target Destruction".

・The top 1 will advance to the final round.

(final league)

・Four winners of the preliminaries will compete in the finals.

・Winning or losing will be determined by the stamina score of the 3 games of "Concentrated Strike", "Target Destruction" and "Vertical and Horizontal".

・Awards will be given for 1st to 3rd place.


・To prevent infection, please pull out the thrown shuriken by yourself.

・If the sensor does not respond to the NINJA TRAINER, it will be scored 0 points.

・If there is any doubt about the result, the referee's decision will take precedence.


(Boy's Division)

・1st place: NINJA TRAINER for home use

・Second place: Ninja T-shirt, shuriken, karakuri sword set

・3rd Place: Shuriken Metal Spinner

・Participation Award: Ninjaemon Cola

(youth section)

・1st place: Koka City special product set (equivalent to 10,000 yen)

・Second place: Shigaraki ware ninja raccoon dog

・3rd place: Kurokage rice udon

・Participation Award: Koga Cola


(Boy's Division)

・10:30-11:00 reception/practice (*practice is free)

・11:00〜11:30 Qualifying League

・11:30〜12:00 Final League

・12:00〜12:15 Commendation

(youth section)

・13:00〜13:30 Reception/practice (*practice is free)

・13:30〜14:00 Qualifying League

・14:00〜14:30 Final league

・14:30〜14:45 Awards


・The NINJA TRAINER exclusive shuriken is included in the participation fee, so there is no need to purchase it in advance.

・The boys section is for elementary school students and above, but if the shuriken does not reach the cabinet, you may not be able to enjoy the game.

If you are unsure, please try it in advance at the Real Ninja Museum.

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